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Re: Can't even do an ls on a FTP server located on the WAN

One more information:
When doing a netstat | more, I see that line:
tcp 0 0 heb62004.ikoula..ftp CLOSE_WAIT
I killed ftp-proxy and restarted inetd, but I still get the same
Could my problem come from the fact that my network is like that:
The Debian machine does ftp masquerading, but I don't see anything
anormal on that machine.
The error message on the bastion, in /var/log/daemon, is:
ftp-proxy[18326]: connect() failed (No route to host)
What host is that? From the bastion, there're no problem at all with
routes to the Debian machine or the FTP server...
Please, do you have any solution?
Thank you.
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