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Re: altq fishiness

On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 07:59:31PM +0000, Bob wrote:
> I couldn't get CBQ to use up all of the bandwidth. Even when only one 
> queue had any traffic, the bandwidth was never getting saturated.
> Possibly (probably) it was something I was doing wrong. But I've changed 
> to HFSC now, and my broadband line is saturated with traffic. So I'm happy.
  remove 'red' and see if it saturates the bandwidth of the queue.
  red is something i liked the sound of, but stopped using because i 
  think i didn't understand fully its implications on a bandwidth-queue.
  afaict, if red is on a cbq(/hfsc?) queue which is designed as a bandwidth
  partition, the bandwidth consumed by the queue will never reach the
  cap, but will be reduced with some calculus asymptote lines or something
  as it approaches it.  could be way wrong too - i'm going on my interpretation
  of the effect it had on queues as i watched/tested them.
> I have to admit, though, that I couldn't find any simple explanation of 
> HFSC with regard to PF, so I had to guess my way through setting it up.
  hfsc has a very steep learning curve, but i believe that is partially
  its nature.  for me it seems it demands you get your head around it, 
  rather than trying to be a bit easier to understand and missing a bit
  of the picture.
  the crossbow site is excellent for this, but seems to take several
  reads through to sink in fully.
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