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port specific route-to with 2 internet connections

Hi all,
I have 2 OpenBSD firewalls protecting my LAN from 2 internet connections
1) a cable modem connection for which the Internet IP address is
obtained by "dhcp"
2) a DSL connection with a Static IP assigned to the $ext_if of the
second firewall
Now I am trying to firewall these two Internet connections with one computer.
So my new firewall has 3 interfaces.
1) $int_if - Internal Interface connected to the LAN 
2) $ext_ifcm - External Interface connected to the Cable Modem.
3) $ext_ifdsl - External Interface connected to the DSL router.
I have a table called <dslusers> which contains the IP address of the
hosts that are permitted to use the DSL connection to connect to the
internet. All other hosts should use the cable modem connection.
So I let the dhcp connection configure the default gateway and the
Gateway for the DSL connection is provided in the filter rule using
Presently I use the rule
pass in log-all on $int_if route-to $ext_ifdsl:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ptoto
tcp from <dslusers> to any keep state
I got a syntax error from pfctl when I used the rule for a specific
port number as shown below.
pass in log-all on $int_if route-to $ext_ifdsl:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ptoto
tcp from <dslusers> to any port ssh keep state
May I know whether it is possible to configure "route-to" in such a
way that only traffic comming into "ssh" port of $int_if from
<dslusers> will be routed to the DSL Interface "$ext_ifdsl" and all
other traffic comming from the <dslusers> to the $int_if  will use the
cable connection through the $ext_ifcm.
Since the gateway of the cable modem is got by "dhcp" I hope all the
other traffic will default to the $ext_ifcm and I DO NOT have to
introduce "route-to $ext_ifcm" in the filtering rules for Internal
interface??? am I right ????
If there is no such option in "route-to" could some one please point
out a method to accomplish this?? a work around or something???
Thankyou so much
Kind Regards