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Re: altq fishiness

Jason Murray wrote:

Here is the section from pf.conf
---- Include start ----
altq on $red cbq bandwidth 3Mb queue { default, web, mail, ssh, empty_ack }
queue web bandwidth 50% priority 7 cbq(red, borrow)
queue mail bandwidth 15% priority 0 cbq(red, borrow)
queue ssh bandwidth 25% cbq(borrow) { ssh_interactive, ssh_bulk }
queue ssh_interactive priority 7
queue ssh_bulk priority 0
queue empty_ack bandwidth 5% priority 7 cbq(borrow)
queue default bandwidth 5% cbq(default, red, borrow)
---- Include end ----

It's based heavily on the example from pf.conf(5). But when I parse the rules with pfctl -nf /etc/pf.conf I am told:

# pfctl  -nf /etc/pf.conf
pfctl: the sum of the child bandwidth higher than parent "ssh"

It's because you haven't give any bandwidth for the ssh_interactive and ssh_bulk. If you dont, the first child queue get 100%, leaving nothing for the other. This was added in 3.6 somewhere - gave me som troubles too. Btw. try searching the archives another time, it has been discused before.

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