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Load balance VPN traffic with route priority ?

Hello guys...

This is my first time trying to configure a complex set of pf rules and
vpn at the same time.  I had the following scenario:

                  [.1]   - - [.4] RO(x) (Preferred path) - MO [isp1] --- internet ---- [isp1]  RO - 172.16.x.0/24

So at the main office we have (1) private wireless link to each remote
office. For back up there are (3) ISP broadband connections at the
main office, and on (1) per remote location.

I want to establish a VPN tunnel that uses the private links most of
the time and in case of failure or high traffic starts using any/or
all of the back up paths.

I thought on using something like load balancing, but the paths are
highly asymmetric, which may get the private link underutilized.

Should I use load balancing or is this setup beyond the scope pf?
Are there any implications or details for the vpn setup?

Thanks a lot for your help,