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Re: Ipv6 problems

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 08:05:14PM +0100, nik wrote:
> Thanks for your suggestions, I've added the rules and modified
> the existences whit gif0 but it seems not work.
> I don't know something else to do ...
Basic debugging method. Disable pf (pfctl -d) and verify the problem
goes away. If it doesn't, the problem is not with pf, but elsewhere.
Add 'log' to all 'block' rules and check for blocked packets:
  # tcpdump -netttvvvXSi pflog0
Compare rule numbers printed (the first number after the 'match:' part)
with your loaded rules (as shown by pfctl -vvsr). If you expect a
different rule to match, find out why it isn't matching, or why the
actually matching rule is last-matching instead.