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Re: its confusing me

Ok, the problem is that the right queue is only used on the way back outbound (keep state). without keep state and queueing on fxp1 its working:
pass in log-all on vlan1 all queue vlan1-in-fxp1
pass out log-all on vlan1 proto {icmp tcp udp} from any to any
pass in log-all on vlan2 all queue vlan2-in-fxp1
pass out log-all on vlan2 proto {icmp tcp udp} from any to any
altq on fxp1 cbq bandwidth 100% queue { vlan1-in-fxp1,vlan2-in-fxp1,def-in-fxp1 }
queue def-in-fxp1 bandwidth 100% priority 7 cbq(default,borrow)
queue vlan1-in-fxp1 bandwidth 1Mb cbq(red)
queue vlan2-in-fxp1 bandwidth 10Mb cbq(red)

hmm, working without keep state is no solution. i have to think harder on the ruleset to get this working.
maybe someone got an idea :)

thanks and regards,