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Re: First time user comments

* Peter Fraser <[email protected]> [2005-01-21 00:54]:
> Could the "syntax error" message, give the position in the line that the
> error occurred, or at least the token that caused it.
no - that is not how parsers work. syntax error actually says it didn't 
match any production from the grammar. if we don't know what production 
it should have matches, how should we tell which part didn't?
that is just not how parsers work, sorry.
> I believe that not
> supplying a "on <interface>" means the statement applies to all
> interfaces.
> It would be nice if there is only one interface type on the computer to
> define a macro automatically for them, I suggest $id0 $id1 etc. That way
> pf config files could be more portable, particularly in the case of a
> server machine that only has one interface.
that will be solved by interface groups.
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