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Question about tables

Hi folks,
I have a question regarding tables that are defined in a text file, eg:
table <spam> persist file "/etc/spammers"
When is the looup done? Everytime the rule is evaluated or every time the
content of the file is changing?
If I add an entry to this table like this:
echo "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" >> /etc/spammers
Will the new IP be included or do I have to "notify" PF that I changed
something? I guess the other option is that PF is reading this file
everytime the rule is evaluated and this does not seems like a good idea if
you think about performance.
P.S: I want to build an WLAN-AC that is configured by an web interface. I
want to include the IP of an authentificated user into a table and only IPs
from the table are allowed to make connections to the internet.