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Re: my firewall

On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 02:07:10PM -0700, R T wrote:
> Hello folks. Thanks to everyone who responded to my problem. The laptop can use the internet now, however it wont resolve host names properly. For example, it wouldnt connect to www.google.ca but it would to 
> Same for IRC, xhat wouldnt connect to eu.undernet.org but it would connect to   ...wierd, huh?
it sounds like you don't have the proper DNS servers set on your client
> Heres the pf.conf Im using:
> ===========================
> # Gatewolf pf rules
> #
> ext_if = "xl0"
> int_if = "ep1"
> nat on $ext_if from to any -> ($ext_if)
any reason you're only NAT-ing for a single IP?
> block in  log all
> block out log all
> pass in quick on lo0 all
> pass out quick on lo0 all
> pass in  quick on $int_if from any to any
> pass out quick on $int_if from any to any
> pass quick all
you *do* realize that your firewall doesn't actually *firewall*
anything, right?
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 never try."
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