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Re: My firewall

R T wrote:
Hello folks. Im trying to get my OpenBSD 3.5 machine set up as a router. Heres the info so far:
xl0  network card getting dhcp address from my isp
ep1  network card hooked to my laptop netmask

Well, first thing's first. If is the IP of ep1, does your laptop have this IP listed as its gateway?

If so, let's move on. You mention that xl0 gets an address from your isp via DHCP. This means you'll have to do NAT (Network Address Translation) to share your Internet connection. I don't see any NAT rules in the pf.conf you posted. You'll need to set these up.

Something like:

# NAT and Forwarding Rules
nat on xl0 from ep1:network to any -> (xl0)

The parentheses are there because the address of you NIC might change due to DHCP. For more detailed information: man pf.conf

Try this with an open pf.conf file:

pass in all
pass out all

Also, make sure your laptop has the proper nameserver information.

I hope this helps,