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Re: load balance (rdr) with tables

On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 01:21:02PM -0800, Gustavo A. Baratto wrote:
> So, it just looks like pf cannot match the rdr rule when a table is used. 
> Again, I'm using the version of PF that comes with freebsd 5.3.
It works for me on both OpenBSD 3.6-current and FreeBSD 5.3-stable.
Here's the ruleset I tried:
  table <rdrtest> persist {, }
  rdr on em0 inet proto tcp from any to em0 port ssh \
      -> <rdrtest>
  pass all
(where is an alias on lo0, ifconfig lo0 inet alias
Then I establish (and close) several ssh connections through em0, and see
  # pfctl -ss
  self tcp <- <- FIN_WAIT_2:FIN_WAIT_2
  self tcp <- <- FIN_WAIT_2:FIN_WAIT_2
  self tcp <- <- FIN_WAIT_2:FIN_WAIT_2
( is em0's address, the ssh client)
So the rdr rule is applying and replacing the destination address. It's
cycling through both addresses in the table (round-robin is default,
even if not specified, here). When I add 'sticky-address', I get the expected
stickyness based on source address.
There have been several bugfixes related to the code parts that select a
replacement address for translations. They have been merged back into
OpenBSD 3.6-stable and FreeBSD 5.3-stable. If you're not running a
recent 5.3-stable, please update (-rRELENG_5_3) and try again.
If you can't reproduce the problem with a simple test ruleset like mine
above, but can with your real ruleset, that would mean we should take a
closer look at the verbatim ruleset.