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Re: setting up vpn tunnel with nat - twisted

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 18:20:10 -0500, brianBOFH wrote:
>I have two networks physically separated.  I need to
>get connectivity from one to the other and vice versa _without_
>renumbering hosts.
>That being said - I have an openbsd 3.6 machine with one public and
>one private interface on each end.
>I know I can setup the tunnel between the two.  But because I can't
>bridge and route between the same network, my question is setting up
>NAT between them.  Obviously the SRC and DST needs to be rewritten on
>either side which means your typical NAT setup will not work.  Can
>this be achieved with pf?  If anyone can point me in the right
>direction I would appreciate it.
First we need to know that there are no address clashes between members
of each LAN.
Second: Do you expect to be able to connect in any way from LAN1:hostx
to LAN2:hosty ?
Or are you just wanting to do something at the other gateway?
The question seemed easy (to state) to you but it misses much detail.
If you tell us too much we can filter better than we can construct in
the absence of detail.
Maybe renumbering one end is actually easier......
>From the land "down under": Australia.
Do we look <umop apisdn> from up over?
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