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Specific HFSC questions

Hello all.
I have some specific HFSC-related questions that I wasn't able to find
answers to by reading the pf.conf man page, the pf users's guide, or by
reading threads in the mailing list.
I am aware of the CMU web pages where HFSC originates (
http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~hzhang/HFSC/main.html ).  This seems to be a
good high-level resource, but obviously there is nothing there about pf
Also, I did read KJC's ALTQ "tips" file (
http://www.csl.sony.co.jp/person/kjc/kjc/software/TIPS.txt ), which
helps quite a bit more.
However, there are a couple of threads on the mailing list, including
this one (
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=openbsd-pf&m=108282933626656&w=2 ),
which leaves me more confused.
So here are the points I'd appreciate information on:
1. In general, where does "priority" count?  Are priority values only
considered at a parent queue with respect to the child queues, or are
they considered at the root with respect to all the leaf queues, or...?
2. Does "realtime" imply that the bandwidth specified is left unused
unless that queue sees packets, or is it simply a priority mechanism?
3. How does queue priority, implemented with the "priority" keyword,
interact with the "realtime" specification?  That is, where does the
"realtime" part come into play vs. the "priority" property?
4. Along the lines of what was brought up before, what is the
difference between "linkshare" and the "bandwidth" specification?  I'm
aware that "bandwidth" is intended to be a quick way to specify things,
but if we are using "linkshare", can it be omitted?  If not, what is
the interaction between the two?
5. Is it necessary to provide bandwidth/scheduler specifications for
parent queues if specifications are given for all the leaf queues?  Is
there any benefit to doing so?
Thanks for the help.
John R.
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