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Re: Traffic Monitoring, IP

OK, you´re right I appreciate Daniel´s work very much. It was only a little 
joke and at the same time I tryed to show you that everything isn´t only a 
matter of money. One friend of mine is a doctor and his payment is 900 USD. 
He works more than 200 hours a month and saves lives. Dou you really think 
that he do it for money? I just wrote my wish about PFSTAT, I think it´s 
quite normal, but I have never seen an answer: Send me some money:  so far.
p.s. Happy new year
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You should know that the work Daniel has already donated to PF and the
OpenBSD project is worth thousands of dollars.  Would you like to pay
by check now, or should they bill your credit card?
P.S.  Shut up and code.
Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting