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Re: OFF Topic Might not belong on the list "PF anf VPN to Cisco"

On Dec 30, 2004, at 4:52 PM, Elijah Savage wrote:

I want to clear this up a bit. I am not looking for some one to provide
me with config files or say here is what you need to do I can do that on
my own. What I am looking for is real world experience and I figured it
would be no better place to find that than here with you experts. I
figured someone would say yeah I have done this and I chose openbsd and
openvpn connected to Cisco 1700's 1800's 2600's etc etc or whtever the
case may be and then to say here is what I think about my setup thus far
it has been stable, it sucks etc etc.

That's all I am looking for, I apologize for being vague but I thought I
was clear but obviously my communcation skills are off a bit :)

Multiple folks have already replied claiming this has been done. I see no need for everyone who's ever worked with Cisco and OpenBSD VPNs to respond to your query with exact specifics. Rather, it is YOU who needs to expound on what you're looking for.

Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting