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Re: OFF Topic Might not belong on the list "PF anf VPN to Cisco"

Elijah Savage wrote:
between a Cisco IOS device which are cisco routers no pix's involved and
a OpenBSD firewall.

I have a VPN tunnel setup between and Cisco device and an OpenBSD machine.

As I said in my other emails I have seen some that
say FreeSwan is the way to go others say OpenVPN is the way to go but
none of these actually saying they have set them up in a production
environment and have it working.

I think OpenBSD is the way to go. I have it setup and working in a production environment. If you are much more comfortable working with FreeSwan than you are with OpenBSD, then FreeSwan is probably the way to go.

So I was just curious if someone has
actually accomplished this before and what they were using and why they
chose it. I said this in a previous email but I have not seen it posted

I have accomplished it. I am using a PC running OpenBSD post-3.5, and the remote side is a Cisco that is probably not a PIX. Probably a 3020 or 3005 or something like that. It really doesn't matter. We chose it because we have setup OpenBSD VPNs to other devices like Checkpoint firewalls and Sonicwalls and it works and is stable.

Is that answer vague enough? I don't know that anyone here can help you with much more unless you actually have some kind of specific question.

If you are asking if anyone on the planet has setup an IPSEC VPN to a Cisco device from OpenBSD then I can confidently say, the answer is yes.



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