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RE: OFF Topic Might not belong on the list "PF anf VPN to Cisco"

I am truly missing the point here then. I want to setup a VPN Tunnel
between a Cisco IOS device which are cisco routers no pix's involved and
a OpenBSD firewall. As I said in my other emails I have seen some that
say FreeSwan is the way to go others say OpenVPN is the way to go but
none of these actually saying they have set them up in a production
environment and have it working. So I was just curious if someone has
actually accomplished this before and what they were using and why they
chose it. I said this in a previous email but I have not seen it posted
to the list yet. I am not having any specific problems as of yet because
I have not started to set it up I am just trying to do my preliminary
reasearch before jumping in. 
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On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 11:44 -0500, Elijah Savage wrote:
> Jason,
> Thank you for the reply but I do not think you understand the
> It is not OpenBSD vs Cisco as your reply states. I am looking for get 
> started info on making Cisco talk to OpenBSD via IPSEC vpn tunnels. My
> OpenBSD firewal has been up and running sometime. I have the absolute 
> OpenBSD book and it does not address IPSEC Betwwen OpenBSD and Cisco.
I what Jason meant was that you need to post more details about exactly
what you are wanting to do. E.g. I have a cisco model xxx and I want to
establish an IPSEC tunnel to my firewall running OBSD 3.6
Russell Fulton, Information Security Officer, The University of Auckland
New Zealand