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Re: CARP again, again

On Thu, 2004-12-23 at 17:28, ed wrote:
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> Hello again, sorry to bother you all again.
> I have a question, we have two DSL connections, and I plan on using two
> boxes, which are carped. But, I'd like to do this in a fashion such that
> I can failover to a different connection when the primary one becomes
> unusable. 
> Would anyone have experience of doing this, and how exactly does one
> determine that the connection has failed? Does it base the failure on
> link status or on IP untouchables?
well--setting 'net.inet.carp.preempt=1' will allow you to fail-over all
interfaces on the primary if a single interface loses link.  if you want
to get fancier than that; i.e., pinging upstream hosts over each
link--take a look at ifstated:
     The ifstated daemon runs commands in response to network state
     changes, which it determines by monitoring interface link state or
     running external tests.  For example, it can be used with carp(4)
     to change running services or to ensure that carp(4) interfaces
     stay in sync, or with pf(4) to test server or link availability
     and modify translation or routing rules.
the source is present in 3.6, but not compiled in the default
system--have a look in:
for the bits.
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