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Re: feature suggest: ability to load/add _inverted_ table file

On 22 Dec 2004 01:51:27 -0800, [email protected] (Henning Brauer) wrote:
>> table <private> file priv_nets.tab file-inv pub_hosts.tab
>>    Unfortunately, it demands more changes, than I expected :(, so I don't
>> think that it has a chance to be accepted.
>correct. I'll veto any change for this, no matter how leightweight it 
Is there some unknown reason why he cannot use 
~~ # grep \!\< /etc/pf.conf | head -3
nat on $Ext from $LAN to !<InsideNets> -> $Ext:0
pass out quick on $Ext $TCP to !<InsideNets> user squid $KSF queue (q_def,\
pass out log quick on $Ext $TCP from $Ext:0 to !<InsideNets> port nntp\
user news $KSF
for the same effect ?
Yeah - straight from the top of my dome 
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