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Re[2]: feature suggest: ability to load/add _inverted_ table file

>>   Feature to load/add address list from file onto table in INVERTED
>> form (i.e. replacing "A.B.C.D" -> "! A.B.C.D" & vice versa) from
>> table rule (sth. like "file-inverted <name>") and command line
>> (sth. like -T add-inverted/load-inverted).
DH> You could use sed(1) to do that, like
DH>   # sed -e 's/^/!/' -e 's/^!!//' file | pfctl -t foo -Ta -f -
Yes, you're right. There is no reasons for extra command line interface.
But I can't do same thing on /etc/pf.conf, because table rule can only
summarize list files.
Of course, I can always generate inverted files or even full-compiled
list files by some external utilites, and load rules after generation,
but non-standard solutions causes specific problems.