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Re: two bridges on an etherchannel link

i dont think it will work without UDLD and even then...:

(use mono spaced fonts or copy to notepad/vi...)

+--------------------+ | | | CATALIST 1 | +--+----------------++ | f0/1 | f0/2 | | |int2 | int 2 +--+---+ +---+-+ | | | | |PF1 | | PF2 | | | | | +--+---+ +--+--+ | int1 | int1 | | | f0/1 | f0/2 +--+---------------+---+ | | | CATALIST 2 | +----------------------+

if the link between catalist 2 interface f0/2 and int1 on PF2 will fail, how CATALIST1 will know this?

if your switch supports UDLD, then it should work because CAT1 will sense a unidirectional link between him and CAT2
try to see if you got the UDLD command in an interface or as global command.

even if udld will work oyu wont be able to use "keep state" because you might get a symetrical rouing (switching in this case)

Other option will be to just use spanning tree and tune the timers to lower the failover time (which is 50 sec by default)


On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 17:24:44 +0100, Alain <[email protected]> wrote:


I'm working on an high availability bridged firewall solution.
Would it be possible to put two openbsd bridged firewall on an etherchannel link (between two cisco switch) and let the switch manage the failover ?


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