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Using two internet connections with PF & Squid

Hi all,
At present my Proxy server and firewall is an OpenBSD 3.6 box running Squid.
I have a DSL internet connection with Static IP.
The squid proxy listens on
The clients have their browsers configured to use proxy server address
as which is the internal interface of the OpenBSD
The requests that comes to is redirected by PF to and thus squid acts as the proxy for all requests.
Now things are working fine. But I want to add a third NIC to the
OpenBSD Gateway with a cable internet connection. The IP address,
Gateway address and DNS will be got by DHCP on that interface.
Now I want to allow only a certain group on the LAN to use the DSL
connection. All others should use the cable modem connection to
connect to the internet.
How can I accomplish this with PF and Squid?
Also how should I configure the ftp-proxy that comes by defaul with
OpenBSD in this situation?
For SMTP, POP which are NATed this can be accomplished by adding a few
rules and is easy :))
What are the problems that can be faced when there are two internet
connections to from a gateway? ie both will have differrent Gateway
and DNS address and one is static where as the other is dhcp!!
Has anyone done this before?
Thankyou so much
God bless you all
Kind Regards