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Re: new ftp proxy: pftpx


Ok, bleeding edge pf people... I wrote a new FTP proxy called "pftpx" and I'd like to solicit some feedback from the community...

it´s great! running it for a few days now and it works just fine. and i was able to tighten my ruleset (i.e. no more outgoing and wide open pasv ftp rules)
hope it doesn´t have any severe exploitable bugs, though. ;-)

Sorry, no manpage yet, this is bleeding edge after all.

would be great to know what all the "address" options mean, as i wasn´t able to figure out all of them. btw. the "queue" option is what i was about to ask for before i found it was already there :-)
because some queue option like
anchor "pftpx/*" queue ftp
won´t be complained about but is simply ignored by 3.6 pfctl´s parser...

All feedback welcome

many thanks for sharing this!