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Re: Internal IP Address Detection Through NAT

On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 19:22:53 -0500
Jason Opperisano <[email protected]> wrote:
>On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 14:34, messmate wrote:
>> >This is correct.  Squid by default includes a "X-Forwarded-For:
>header> >on each HTTP request showing the original requesting IP
>address.  This> >can be disabled in squid.conf with "forwarded_for
>off".> >
>> Sorry, not correct. I'm behind my squid and forwarded on or off the
>> header is there !
>the X-Forwarded-For header is present whether you set the
>"forwarded_for" directive to "on" or "off"--the difference is that with
>it set to "off" the header reads:
>        X-Forwarded-For: unknown\r\n
I agree :)
>which would rule it out as the source of the IP leak that the OP is
>asking about.
>you can also control what is shown in the Via header by setting the
>"visible_hostname" directive.  again--ruling out squid as the source of
>the leak...
>oh--and if the "Via: " header bugs you:
>        header_access Via deny all
Tested and works on openbsd without a recompile :)
>works without and recompile...  as does:
>        header_access X-Forwarded-For deny all