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newbie advice question - pf in front of multiple comps...

I'm sorry for the newbie advice question.
I've ran OpenBSD for a couple years, and pf as well,
performing straight forward NAT, rdr, etc....  all
with the firewall having one public internet routable
address, and multiple machines behind with private
however, someone at my work wants me to install a
firewall at a colo site - in front of say, six
machines, all with public internet routable
so - I know this is likely a really stupid question,
but how do I manage this?  does the firewall have a
bunch of aliased IP addresses and rdr respectively to
private addresses behind?  is bgp (I know nothing
about yet) something that I need/should be using?
Another thing of note, some of these machines will be
running similar services, such as two different
machines running httpd...
sorry - please point me to the correct section I've
missed in the FAQ or something I can research more
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