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Strange behaviour with PF on FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE

Hi folks,
Since yesterday my PF firewall acts strange. I have not touched the ruleset
and tried a new one only with pass-rules, but the problem is still there.
I cannot "go" through the tunnel interface tun0 of ppp (I use DSL here in
Germany). Even a "pass on tun0" will not change anything.
#pfctl -s rules
block return log-all all
pass on tun0 all
pass on ed0 all
pass on vr0 all
vr0 is the internal interface and ed0 the external. I am connected through
ppp with my ISP. Within the internal network over vr0 ( I can
connect to a ssh-server on for example, but ssh (or telnet or
whatever) will not work to an external ip.
If a drop the block rule and reload the ruleset, it works! I can connect to
an external ssh-server.
Does anyboy have an idea?
Thank you,