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connection that changes queue after a while


I'm using altq to limit upload and prioritize ACKs. It works fine and I can see with pfctl -s queue -vv that the queues are matches as expected.

And then after a couple of minutes, while uploading, my ping jumps from 30ms to 2000ms which makes me notice that the qos is not working anymore. Then I check the queues again and everything goes through the default queue!

Any idea what I'm doing wrong ? How to troubleshoot ?

PS. relevant part of pf.conf:

altq on $ext_if cbq bandwidth 220Kb queue { q_def, q_vpn, q_ssh, q_pri }

queue q_def bandwidth 200Kb priority 4 cbq(default)
queue q_vpn bandwidth 180Kb priority 2
queue q_pri bandwidth 200Kb priority 6 cbq(borrow)
queue q_ssh bandwidth 200Kb priority 7 cbq(borrow)

pass out quick on $ext_if proto tcp from $lan to any port 22 keep state queue q_ssh
pass out quick on $ext_if from $mp3box to any keep state queue q_pri
pass out quick on $ext_if proto tcp from $lan to $vpn keep state queue q_vpn
pass out quick on $ext_if proto tcp from $lan to any flags S/SA keep state queue q_pri # ACKs