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Re: state failure - bad state

> Nov 20 15:57:59 yak /bsd: pf: BAD state: TCP x.x.x.x.:16907 x.x.x.x:16907 
> [lo=3829350720 high=3829357152 win=16384 modulator=0 
> wscale=0] [lo=1235580598 high=1235596982 win=6432 modulator=0 wscale=0] 9:9 S 
> seq=3668994189 ack=1235580598 len=0 ackskew=0 pkts=6:6 dir=out,fwd
> Nov 20 15:57:59 yak /bsd: pf: State failure on:   2     |   6
> the only thing what I can imagine is, that the website - web.de - tried to 
> connect to a '403'-site (proxy forbidden), ivwbox.de (web bug)
> it's not reproducible...
The web client is re-using an old connection's ports without waiting the
2*msl period.  No big deal.