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RE: pf sync

> Thanks, Ill check out the how to as the above does not make much sense
to the untrained reader, but I am sure it will when I have been through
the appropriate materials.
Feel free to ask more questions ..i'm listning.
OpenBSD is still new (6 months) experiance for me, kind of funny since i
started my "i love unix" carrier back in 1998 with Zenix. Many years
before Linux, AIX, Tru64 and the gang.
When i first was told that OpenBSD with pf/carp is "THE" soloution i was
looking for was everything just "block hole" for me. It looks hard in
the begining to work with carp and pfsync, it's simple when all the bits
and pieces are in place.
My first "i love OpenBSD" experiance started when i was reading the
diffrent man(8) pages, compared with the other ~10 Unix flavours i have
"walk thru" is OpenBSD the first one with good man pages.
ps. Zenix was not i nice animal to work with, 1998 was still the "IBM
compatible" days.