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altq question

First of all I want to say Hi to everybody because this is my first thread.
Im rather new to altq and pf but basically i want to limit the http
traffic from one of my LANs machines.
Ive tried all the schedulers but i havent noticed any differences between them.
Here is a sample of what ive done using cbq:
altq on $EXT_IF cbq bandwidth 256Kb queue {http, other}
queue http bandwidth 6Kb priority 0 cbq (red)
queue std bandwidth 90% cbq(default)
pass out on $EXT_IF proto tcp from $LAN_IP to any port = 80 \
                                flags S/SA modulate state queue http
After ive applied these rules from LAN_IP i was able to browse web
pages even with 10.24 Kb/s
pfctl -vvsq 
[ measured:        4.4  packets/s, 9.48Kb/s ]
[ measured:        4.3  packets/s, 10.24Kb/s ]
If this in not correct please tell me what do i miss and what should i
 do to limit that http traffic?
ps Im using OpenBSD 3.6