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Re: connect to vpn behind openbsd firewall

> What are you VPN Client et and VPN Server and do you
> use IPsec for VPN ?
> To use IPsec with NAT, IPsec client and server must
> use NAT-Traversal :
> - isakmp exchanges on UDP/500
> - encapsulation of ESP in UDP port 4500
> Laurent Cheylus <[email protected]> OpenPGP ID 0x5B766EC2
My vpn client is MS windows VPN using pptp protocol
port 1723 udp/tcp. I don't known what is server, my
suggestion is win2000/win2003 vpn server, i have only
account. On openBSD firewall i also have vpn account
using poptopd. Pftop show me that i use port 1723 tcp
and 1723 udp.
I thing that NAT is problem because VPN server try to
connect to my ext_ip, where i block all in.That's my
first filter rule.I have try and synproxy out packet
to port 1723 without success.
any suggestions?
Best regards
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