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The new warning message in 3.6 (child larger than parent)

I finally got to setting up a 3.6 box as a firewall yesterday and got this
scary message stating that my child queues are bigger than the parents.
The pf.conf was from a working 3.5 box and based upon previous "warning"
messages thought pf didn't configure correctly. After trying other things
and checking the ChangeLog to see that this warning message was added on
purpose, I decided to try and fix it. No dice, I tried to rewrite a cbq
setup as per the PF Users Guide in the FAQ (Updated 10/29) to no avail, I
still get he warning no matter what I do. Is the FAQ incorrect or is it a
bug ???? Thanks in advance ;)
Here's my setup...
altq on xl0 cbq bandwidth 330Kb queue { http_out, ftp, ssh, tcp_ack_out,
misc }
queue http_out priority 4 cbq(borrow, ecn)
queue ftp bandwidth 40% priority 3 cbq(borrow, red)
queue misc priority 1 cbq(borrow, default)
queue ssh priority 5 { ssh_login, ssh_bulk }
        queue ssh_login priority 5 cbq(ecn)
        queue ssh_bulk cbq(ecn)
queue tcp_ack_out priority 6
queue root_xl0 bandwidth 330Kb priority 0 cbq( wrr root ) {http_out, ftp,
ssh, tcp_ack_out}
queue  http_out bandwidth 330Kb priority 4 cbq( red ecn borrow )
queue  ftp bandwidth 132Kb priority 3 cbq( red borrow )
queue  misc bandwidth 330Kb cbq( borrow default )
queue  ssh bandwidth 330Kb priority 5 {ssh_login, ssh_bulk}
queue   ssh_login bandwidth 330Kb priority 5 cbq( red ecn )
queue   ssh_bulk bandwidth 330Kb cbq( red ecn )
queue  tcp_ack_out bandwidth 330Kb priority 6