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Re: Should I use CBQ or Priority Queueing ?

On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 09:10:50AM -0700, Bob DeBolt wrote:
> Hi Nicholas
> >I wonder what's the best traffic shaping method available? Is it Class 
> >Based Queuing or Priority Queuing.
> >My goal is to allow browsing the internet since local computers, while 
> >my DMZ-ed servers consume a lot of my upload >bandwith. Right now, 
> >without traffic shaping, it's almost impossible to browse the internet 
> >while my servers receive a lot >of queries (mail, www, ftp...).
> The scenario you have before you is quite complex even if you 
> have done this type of setup before, especially with so many interfaces. 
> The policy to follow to get started is the KISS formula.
> K eep
> I t
> S imple
> S tupid
> It has helped me conquer a lot of very complex tasks. You may 
> find that priority queuing is quite adequate for the type of 
> traffic you are using. This will allow you to learn about and 
> get a better feel for traffic shaping before you move on to 
> something more complex like cbq or hfsc.
> Bob D
Thanks to both of you, Alexandre and Bob.
I'll test priority queuing first, as Bob recommands.
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