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pf+altq+bridge : cbq not limiting

I recently updated the bridge firewall (Sparc64/OpenBSD) from
3.4 to 3.5 (full reinstall). I use it a as a filtering bridge,
grouping pf/altq/bridging.
I use some cbq queues to shape the traffic.
However it seems that the queueing doesn't limit the
traffic. I limit on both NICs of the machine (outgoing rules, pass out).
But without any changes to pf.conf (it was working well on 3.4),
I meet this problem. I labeled the rules to checks if the identification
works well and it is the case.
If I make some bursting to test, no shaping occurs while
a 'pfctl -s queue' shows the right queues and a 'pfctl -vs rules' shows
the right rules but too much bytes sent acording to the queue definition.
anybody has already seen this?
thanks alot.