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port redirect: multiple external connections and one internal server

I am trying to setup a multiple broadband connection gateway with Obsd/PF
but I am not quite sure if this thing is going to work or not.
Here is more or less what I want to do:
               -----                      !
-----          ! O ! --------- |m1| ----- !
!   !          ! B !                      ! 
! S ! ---------! S ! --------- |m2| ----- ! INTERNET
!   !          ! D !                      !
-----          !   ! --------- |m3| ----- !
               -----                      !
server         fwll            modems      !
                PF                          !
Each external interface gets a dynamic IP from an ISP.
The idea is that a client from the internet could (via DNS round-robin)  
come in through any of the broadband connections. And all connections to
some specific ports should be redirected to the internal server S.
The problem I see is that PF may not be able to return packets 
through the same interface they came in.
Now, to the questions.
1. Is this doable with PF?
2. In case answer to 1 is yes, what is the best way to handle the DHCP 
data (default gateway, resolv.conf info) from multiple providers.
3. In case answer to 1 is no, are there any oher ways/protocols/os/filters 
to accomplish this?
Thanks a lot in advance.