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Peer TCP state out of order - rfc1693

well -
no problems here just curious again :-
(so I do not necessary expect an answer, maybe just yes or no)
a customer firewall is sending me logfiles when the log buffer is filled; 
sometimes this happens:
The Sender log:
Peer TCP state out of order, sent TCP RST: TCP
pf logs (Receiver, rule 0 block all):
Nov 09 18:47:33.715049 rule 0/0(match): block out on ti0: > FP 0:9(9) ack 1 win 16384 (DF)
after reading through rfc1693 and shortly glancing into other papers, I 
suggest that ACK is blocked by pf
- since this tcp extension is an inherent security risk?
 - or is there any technical reason such as the congestion window size? 
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