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Viewing authpf rules loaded


I'm using OpenBSD 3.6-release, just installed.

I want to view authpf rules loaded for one of my users. Have been trying this:

fmbraga:782$ sudo pfctl -sA
fmbraga:783$ sudo pfctl -a authpf -sA
fmbraga:784$ sudo pfctl -a authpf/f_neus -sr
pfctl: DIOCGETRULES: Invalid argument
fmbraga:785$ sudo pfctl -a authpf:16509 -sr pfctl: DIOCGETRULES: Invalid argument

I guess what might be wrong.

Can any of you kindly help me ?

Fernando Braga
Diretor de T.I.
Telemacro Sistemas e Serviços
+55 (82) 2121-2100