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ALT question...


I was wondering if the following makes sense:

altq on $ext_if cbq bandwidth $caudal_subida queue \
        { prioridad_7, prioridad_6, prioridad_5, prioridad_1 }
        queue prioridad_7 bandwidth 60% priority 7 cbq(red, borrow)
        queue prioridad_6 bandwidth 60% priority 6 cbq(red, borrow)
        queue prioridad_5 bandwidth 40% priority 5 cbq(red, borrow)
        queue prioridad_1 priority 1 bandwidth 40% cbq(default)

Can I have different queues with bandwidth that in total adds more than 100%?, when I check with pfctl -vvsq I see the porcentage converted to Kb/s and I looks like it makes sense.

Thanks :).