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Ftp-proxy and route-to question

I posted a similar question previously but incorrectly said ftpd when I
meant ftp-proxy. This led to several private emails but yet no solution.
More directly to the point now:
I am following the example from the User's Guide to use pf's route-to option
on "pass in" from the LAN for packets destined for the WAN. It seems to be
working properly.
However, these rules are not applying to FTP client requests from the LAN. I
believe that this is because we are using ftp-proxy, which redirects the FTP
requests to itself, then makes the outgoing connections to servers. Is there
a clean fix for this that I can implement ? Or perhaps a duplicate set of
rules applying to lo0 ? It would be fine if a change affected all traffic
originating from the firewall itself.