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binat or rdr help

i have small newtwok with 3 classes ip
also i do NAT+altq using openbsd 3.5 with 2 nics
Everything working fine half year until today.
The problem is not in openBSD, problem is one of my
clients.My ISP give me 1 real ip wich i use for NAT
1 class C for my clients.The real problem
are games.My clients can't play games with clients
from my ISP, they also have private like .
What to use binat,rdr?
i try to install pptpd and to bridge xl0 + tun0
without success :)
if i set for example 5 ip to my ext_if and run rdr my
ISP admin will kill me, i thing.
any suggestions are wellcome
best regards
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