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RE: Should I use CBQ or Priority Queueing ?

Hi Nicholas
>I wonder what's the best traffic shaping method available? Is it Class 
>Based Queuing or Priority Queuing.
>My goal is to allow browsing the internet since local computers, while 
>my DMZ-ed servers consume a lot of my upload >bandwith. Right now, 
>without traffic shaping, it's almost impossible to browse the internet 
>while my servers receive a lot >of queries (mail, www, ftp...).
The scenario you have before you is quite complex even if you 
have done this type of setup before, especially with so many interfaces. 
The policy to follow to get started is the KISS formula.
K eep
I t
S imple
S tupid
It has helped me conquer a lot of very complex tasks. You may 
find that priority queuing is quite adequate for the type of 
traffic you are using. This will allow you to learn about and 
get a better feel for traffic shaping before you move on to 
something more complex like cbq or hfsc.
Bob D