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Re: Hi. Off topic slightly, and needing help. Cisco PIX to PF vpn

"fixup ipsec" should do assuming your vpn is setup properly. 
Really this is a PIX question. Have a look to
which holds quite some good tips on cisco related vpn configs. The pix
config guide is not too bad either.
On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 08:57:06AM -0800, Derrick wrote:
> I've got a opnebsd 3.5 firewall, VPN'd (I believe succesfuly) to a PIX, it
> would SEEM that traffic is not making it's way back from the PIX, off the
> PIX I see:
> Nov  3 08:51:30 active_pix_firewall Nov 03 2004 09:56:20: %PIX-4-400014:
> IDS:2004 ICMP echo request from to on interface
> outside
> Nov  3 08:51:30 active_pix_firewall Nov 03 2004 09:56:20: %PIX-3-106010:
> Deny inbound icmp src outside: dst inside:Mandarin (type 8,
> code 0)
> I'm wondering if there's someone who has decent PIX knowledge, as I do
> not, and can help me work through this problem.
> Derrick MacPherson
> [email protected]
-> Jean-Francois Dive
--> [email protected]
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