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Route-to dilema

>From the pf user's guide:
"The route-to option is used on traffic coming in on the internal interface
to specify the outgoing network interfaces..."
I followed this usage and the example in the user's guide to set up OpenBSD
3.5 to load-balance outgoing connections over two gateways. There is also
some specific traffic routing to keep traffic local. For example, traffic to
the same subnet as the gateway should go out that gateway and not be subject
to round-robin. It seems to be working.
However, this routing does not go as planned with a FTP transfer. I believe
that this is due to ftpd. When ftpd makes the transfer request, the route-to
rules are not evaluated since the traffic is not coming in on int_if, but is
internally generated by the daemon. The result is that all FTP traffic flows
through the first gateway.
Is there a different way to use route-to that gets around this consequence
of the daemon ?