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Re: "pfctl -s q -v" question

Michael W. Lucas wrote:

One client has a large bandwidth ceiling. They're currently well below the limit; activity on the switch shows that they're pushing about 15Mb in and 15Mb out. With a limit of 64Mb, I would expect all traffic to go through completely unimpeded. We're not dropping any packets, but I'm seeing the "suspends" counter continually incrementing, however, reaching tens of thousands in a matter of minutes.

queue dca bandwidth 64Mb [ pkts: 40244 bytes: 22488217 dropped pkts: 0 bytes: 0 ]
[ qlength: 0/ 50 borrows: 0 suspends: 239 ]

What does "suspends" mean, actually? Is it anything to worry about?



in my experince, suspends happen when there's a need to borrow, but the parent can't afford it. borrows happen increasingly as the queue get's longer. drops happen when the queue overflows (n.b. red).

documentation in the altq field sucks, so don't treat this as absolute truth. he who examineth the code shall see.

kami petersen

ps. your pf.conf would probably increase your chances of getting advice.