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FTP active mode desn't work properly with nat on PF

Hi there.
I already sent this email to freebsd mail-list and openbsd with not anwser, I hope someone here has an idea :)
I so happy to have a PF mail-list!

Im running a pf firewall doing NAT, so as all the manuals said I setup the ftp-proxy to allow ftp clients behind the PF NAT to connect to external FTPs server, but the way this work all the data traffic coming back when I running an ftp connection on active mode, it is coming back with the IP number of my bsd box, some windows client doesn't care about it, but Mac os users or NCFTP drop the connections when this is happening.
I tried all the possibles options on ftp-proxy and all the version possibles with the same end.

somebody know how fix this, or if it another option to make work ftp clients on Active mode with PF?

Marcos Biscaysaqu