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OBSD Load balancing.

I know this has been brough up on the list as of recent and even
address by Daniel himself, but im still lacking in the ability on how
to manipulate PF to do some things with route-to "load bancing" setup.
Im currently using the example:
and would like to try two things which im not sure how to implement.  
1.  With the current example, all traffic/states are distributed
amounst the available connections equaly.  Is it possible to subject
only certain types of traffic to this rule and have the rest of the
traffic head out on a default route?
2. For port dependant services, can a rule be slipped in to route a
range of ports from either interface to a specific NAT'ed host?
My attempts to achieve these goals have been blundered due to my lack
of understanding in PF and TCP as a whole, although im learning very
quickly... and advice or examples would be greatly appreciated.