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Re: Top 10 reasons IPTABLES is better than PF

On Thursday 21 October 2004 01:23, eric wrote:
> > 8. GPL prevents Steve Jobs from stealing your code.
> What's wrong with making the computer industry better? Have you
> contributed to this project? Probably not. So what does it matter to
> you? Hopefully Microsoft would use pf one day; it means the industry
> gets BETTER and doesn't sit in some state of them vs. us.
Full disclosure: I just bought my mom an iMac. ;-)
> Ya got me. And here I thought you were serious. Surely there isn't
> anyone as idiotic as you've fooled me into thinking!
Well, someone DID mention porting PF to Linux. (Just for grins, take a look at 
the Linux QOS/traffic shaping subsystem, and then imagine getting PF to 
interface with THAT.)
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