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Re: CIDR notation - block spam

Am Freitag, 8. Oktober 2004 07:53 schrieb Kevin:
>  [ Evaluations: 961075 ? ?Packets: 213111 ? ?Bytes: 76349669 ? ?States: 0 ?
> ? ] @34 block drop in log quick proto tcp from <PDL:10994> to any port =
> smtp . . .
> This is my primary mail server rejecting SMTP sessions from hosts
> listed in the Pan-Am DUL (http://www.pan-am.ca/pdl/). ?The first field
> of each line in the list is an IP address or subnet in CIDR notation,
> so it's easy to just pass the list through cut and then reload the
> table from a file.
> I have never encountered a false positive in my six months of using
> the PDL. YMMV.
thanks for the interesting info.
10994 addresses including CIDR-notation is pretty much to do for pf (?)
what does top tell you by average?
As interesting it is, I do not agree with PDL's policy "...list of home 
dial-up, home broadband and similar networks..."
since small business often use ADSL connections;
and you can make your small business-server more secure than the one of an ISP 
who has to take care of many different customers - including their spam