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Altq + CBQ + borrow

I try run Altq + CBQ with borrow for some queues, but I have some strange
results . For example:
altq on $int_if cbq (ecn) bandwidth 100Mb queue { lan_q, def_q }
queue def_q bandwidth 95% cbq(default)
queue lan_q bandwidth 1Mb cbq { ip2_q, ip3_q, ................. }
queue ip2_q bandwidth 10% cbq(ecn borrow)
In this configuration we should have: ip2_q have at least 10% of 1Mb, but if
lan_q is empty ip2_q could borrow some bandwith (max. to 1Mb).
But i observe, that ip2_q borrow only 100Kb, so ip2_q coul have max. 200Kb.
Is that some error in my configuration ?
from `pfctl -sq -vv`  i have:
queue   ip2_q bandwidth 100Kb cbq( red ecn borrow )
  [ pkts:       2277  bytes:    3417866  dropped pkts:      0 bytes:
     0 ]
  [ qlength:   0/ 50  borrows:   1856  suspends:     49 ]
  [ measured:    11.4 packets/s, 137.70Kb/s ]